Protecting the environment.

Walter J Pratt Pty Ltd are at the forefront of the Design and/or construction of water treatment plants for the Aquatics, Life support and Exhibition markets.
We can provide our clients turnkey solutions for their water management needs and we utilise many processes to provide end water quality to the parameters required by clients or local authorities.
Our company has been steadfast in remaining autominous and not accepting any offers to be a product distributor. This neutrality allows us to select the best process and manufacturer for any project requirements. We are not influenced by commissions, agencies and financial benefits in using particular products.

WJPratt has vast experience with the following treatment processes:

  • Medium rate sand filtration (Fibreglass)
  • UF Filtration
  • Membrane technologies such as UF/MBR/RO
  • Ultraviolet Steralisation-low and medium pressure UV
  • Ozone Generation
  • Carbon Filters
  • Sodium hypochlorite disinfection systems
  • PH correction including Co2, acid dosing etc
  • Foam fractionation/ Protein skimmers
  • Calcium hypochlorite disinfection
  • Biological systems for greywater
  • Physical barrier strainer separation
  • Water softening/ hardness control
  • Cyclonic separators
  • Sea water generation systems
  • On site sodium hypochlorite generation systems

WJPratt can manufacture treatment plants off site however we also have teams of qualified tradesman and are licensed contractors in Victoria, Queensland, NSW and South Australia.

These processes have been used on
many applications including
Water treatment for:

  • commercial aquatic centres,
  • Life support systems in aquaculture/exhibits (seals/fish/penguins etc)
  • horse training/swimming facilities
  • Backwash water recycling systems
  • Rainwater treatment systems
  • General industry water treatment
  • Stormwater recycling systems