Protecting the environment.

Walter J Pratt Pty Ltd have upgraded and/or extended many aquatic centres and these are classisfied as repeat business on many occasions. An example is the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre where we have provided all of their water treatment services for the various extensions over the years to cater for the Commonwealth Games etc. Items such as Ozone generators have beeen replaced with latest technology units that are more cost effective to service, safer to operate and the spare parts are readily available.
Swimming pool water treatment plants are typically located in very aggressive environments and as such do need upgrades and overhauls from time to time. One major advantage of this is that the opportunity presents itself to look at any technology advances and any legislative changes that have occurred since the original installation.

These overhaul works are quite often required in a timeframe where the centres continue to operate and we are experienced at keeping treatment plants running and minimising the disruption to the facility.
We quite often utulise temporary tanks, filters and controls that allow this transition to occur, without the 'user' actually being aware of the major changeover work taking place. Plant rooms are generally of a minimal size and permanent space is not available for duplicate systems to be installed.
Examples of upgrade works we have provided:

  • Replaced Ozone System at MSAC
  • Retrofit On site Hypo generation unit at Ringwood Aquatic
  • Retrofit Sodium Hypo automated distribution lines at Sydney Olympic Park
  • Retrofit UV steralisation at Box Hill Aquatic Centre
  • Completely retrofitted treatment plant at Tattersals Club Sydney
  • Retrofitted 50m filtration plant at Bold Park Aquatic- Perth
  • Retrofitted backwash reclaim plant at Redcliffe in Queensland
  • Replaced sodium hypo installation at Seymour Aquatic

The triggers for these works include OH & S enhancement, environmental compliance, better water quality, reduction of chemical costs and lastly to decrease service/running costs.
We welcome the opportunity to look at existing installations and put forward our recommendations relating to process, price and time.